Thursday, July 9, 2015

Daydreaming and enjoy the little things.
   I agree with the statement, the people should somethings do things that they do not enjoy doing.  It is true for several reasons. The worker do not pay very well, in consequently they are unhappy. This is a big and seriously problem In Latin-American countries. The worker, and special women, recipes low salaries.  This systems production is unequal. The companies transnational in Mexico have a “maquilas”. The maquilas are continuous and serial production sytems.  A high percent many us worker should working 24 hours per day. Obviously, the people do not enjoy doing. The worker do not free time for cure a families, always they are tired and awake at finish jobs.
   The other reason is that young people in the world are not valid options for work in their professions. They end up working on things that leaves unsatisfied. This situation are dangerous all societies, because the younger people do not enjoy, endangers the whole society. When as young people are the future of social systems and they ensure their survival of cultures.
    In positive in first world the younger people have different problems.  For example in USA some younger are a lot free time, many opportunities, good jobs, and good money, but they are busy trivial things. Young people are disenchanted because it has everything.
  In conclusion, governments and economic systems should take decisions to society beings rather than enjoy what they do. Bet on a more equal and balanced society have happier citizens. Humans must learn to enjoy the simple things. I think we must learn  daydreams. Lozano

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