Friday, June 26, 2015

Human rights in comparative view

    My research interest actually is the comparative studies in indigenous and afrodescedents community rights in all the american countries. I have been working in human rights for indigenous and afrocolombian people for many years.  In my two tesis of master and phd degree I studied the relation ship between the practice of the community law and the sentences of the supreme court. I demonstrated that in some fields, like corporal punishments and due process, the argumentation of the Supreme Court was too ambiguous and do not give rules for developing the own rule of law in each group or community. In fact, may be without bad intentions, the jurisprudence was constructed with an assimilationist spirit. If we found the way every country has developed his own jurisprudence, and do comparisons between categories and specifics rights, I thing that we can really develop an integral understanding of the sens of case law control in modern constitutionalism.  

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  1. Camilo, I am glad that you wrote a good research statement. The overall organization is good, but your concluding sentence does not look strong. Your concluding sentence should briefly summarize your whole statement.

    Also, there are some grammatical errors. In particularly, the last sentence is too long. This should be broken down into several sentences.

    Overall, well-done!