Friday, June 26, 2015

 Sung Yung
Academic writing

David Lozano


The event that changed my life

  The  event that changed my life a lot is to have the first child.  In 1987 everything changed. My life changed when I knew a notice “I was going to be a father” .  In my twenties, I was a very carefree arts student. I had panic and I was bored. However I needed to be  thoughtful. As me That was going to be my life and destiny of my son?  I took prompt decisions. First , I was to get a steady job, but this was very difficult for my lack experience. So I opened a little business of making frames for other artist. Second, I wedded with Esperanza, she is my current wife. Third I told my parents, I was going to have a child. Finally I got a warmer and friendly apartment. Today I do not regret my decision, My son is a 26 year old, he is a science political. He accompanied by his brother Antonio whom was 18 years old. My life is properly organized and I can exercise my career as an artist and teacher. Until  the event changing  forever my life.

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  1. David, we discussed your paragraph in class last Friday. This is a very interesting life story! This is a good paragraph, and I like your topic sentence.

    Your concluding sentence does not sound strong enough since it is short and has some grammatical errors. You need to make the concluding sentence very clear. For example, it can be "Until now, this event has influenced many aspects of my life." This is an example.

    Overall, well-done!