Friday, June 26, 2015

The day that changed my life 
     The day that changed my life forever was that I met the girl who later became my wife.
 It happened on a bus stop, while I was traveling as a globetrotter, far of my house, far of my country.
 For two weeks we built a strong friendship which later originated a new family. At that time we
 were two carefree young people; our main concerns were music, parties, rides and, such as other people of that generation. Our life was quiet and very simple. After 35 years of that day on a bus stop, it had ocurred all kind of facts, some very happy as we had each of our two sons, many days of sadness or discord. However, the most important it has been a great learning about how it is possible to share the good and the bad moments of the life between two persons. All in all, this experience helped me learn about tolerance, patience and people's relationships. 

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  1. Victor, we discussed regarding your paragraph in class. It is a very interesting story! Excellent job!