Friday, June 26, 2015

Research Statement
   My main research interests are related to the extraction and purification of bioactive molecules and food lipids, as well as the design of processes for a profitable utilization of food industry by-products.
   I have worked in various research projects, such as the valorization of lactose for producing lactobionic acid by means of a catalytic oxidation reaction using gold nanoparticles supported on silica mesoporous materials; the extraction of different food lipids and the design of process for obtaining functional lipids such as palmitoleic acid, and essential fatty acids. Actually, I am the director of a big project, whose main objective is the production of functional foods for pregnant and nursing mothers, and children belonging to the early childhood. Moreover, I am the supervisor of various master's students, whose projects include topics such as the production of fermented milks naturally enriched with essential fatty acids, the microencapsulation of special oils for applications in the food industry, the valorization of the by-products of some Amazonian fruits, etc.
   In the next future I just want to do a postdoctoral fellow in which I can use nanotechnology for food applications.

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  1. Felipe, this is a good research statement! I am glad to see that you have the ability to write a multiple-paragraph paper. The organization is relatively good.

    The only thing I would like to comment on is how you used a semi-colon. It is hard to explain here, but I will address this issue in class next week.

    Overall, excellent job!