Friday, June 26, 2015

One event that change my life

    One of the most important events that changed my life was my mother's death. I was studying my PhD in Canada, when I knew my mother got lung cancer with six brain metastasis. I was very nervous and sad, and I could not stop crying. I began to do some research about the type of cancer she had, and I realized that her life expectancy was very low. I was far away from my home, and I thought "my mother will dye and I will not be with here". It was very difficult for me to continue my work at the lab, because the only thing I wanted to do was to buy a ticket and go home. This bad experience changed my thought about life.

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  1. Felipe, your paragraph delivered this sad story well. You did an EXCELLENT job at describing details. The concluding sentence can be more specific and stronger if you add more details. There are some punctuation errors (commas and periods). We will discuss how to use punctuation properly in class next week! Well-done!