Friday, June 26, 2015

The best disagreement I ever had in my life was with a woman that even today is my wife. It passed thirty one years ago, in one small city called Louvain la Neuve, on Belgium. I was just arrived to study in the sociology faculty on campus. One of my first nights in city I went at a little bar called Tio Conejo, owned by a peruvian guy. He asked me for some salsa music for share. I went to my room and carried a couple of tapes of cuban son. But, when I arrived newly, the peruvian was not here. I was attended for a colombian girl with caribean accent. She told me that in this bar people only listened authentic salsa. And she never had knew about someone like Matamoros or Orquesta Aragon. I could not change her mind. I was so angry that I leaved loudly the local. Some days after, I found her at the sports center. I was still angry, but she smile me so kindly that I knew that she was only flirting. So I keep my revenge for later. But this is another history that I will tell you some day.  

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  1. Camilo, this is a very interesting story! You did not a GOOD job at describing details. However, I have some comments for you to improve your paragraph.

    The first sentence is a good topic sentence, but it is not grammatically correct. It can be changed to "The person I have had the biggest disagreement with in my life is a woman who is my wife now." The last sentence should be your concluding sentence (But this is another history that I will tell you some day.), but it does not seem to summarize your whole paragraph adequately. So your concluding sentence needs to be stronger.

    Also, please make sure to use past tense forms (e.g. smile - smiled; keep - kept; leave -left).

    In your paragraph there is only one complex sentence. Please try to use more complex sentences so that you will have more variety in your writing.

    I hope it helps!