Friday, June 26, 2015


My jungle experience

I got my first job as a scientific researcher on the tropical rain forest, earlier in the 80's, and for me it was a great experience. In fact, at that time, I only had lived in an urban environment and I knew nothing about the amazon jungle. So, when I arrived to Araracuara, a so far from nowhere land, I began to learn many new things about life as a whole. I learned hunting, fishing, walking in the forest, eating new food, but the most important, I learned many things  about values. I learned that solidarity, cooperation, and wisdom are much more important to survive on that environment tan many others virtues people believes accept in our society (power, richness,  fame). All in all, I appreciate all simple things coming from friendship and solidarity.


  1. Tomas, this is a wonderful story! Your paragraph is well-written although there are some grammatical errors. My comments are below.

    The first sentence should be your topic sentence that tells the reader about your main idea. If you revise this, it can be a stronger topic sentence. It can be changed to "One of the great experiences I have had in my life is that I got my first job as a scientific researcher in the topical rain forest in the early 80s."

    The concluding sentence also needs to be stronger since it does not sound very clear to me. It can be revised to "All in all, I appreciate all simple things coming from friendship and solidarity that I learned in the jungle."

    Your paragraph mainly consists of simple and compound sentences. Please try to use more complex sentences.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Things people do that they do not enjoy doing

    Many people all around the world do things that they do not enjoy doing, for many reasons:

    One of that reason is poverty. When someone was born poor, it is quite difficult for them to choose the way of the professional life. People who has borne in a country with few educational facilities (without schools or with schools located very far from home that made the students walk for several hours before they met the school) will not have possibilities to compete with other rich people and they ending to get less enjoyable jobs. However, occasionally in that poor countries peple find some opportunities practicing sports. I Colombia, for example, most of the very famous soccer players coming from the bottom of society, but due to their abilities they achieve their goals playing soccer (that is a very amusing job) despite their poor origin. But almost all the population dos not reach their professional goals.

    The other face of the coin (Colombian expression?) is about people who enjoy their jobs. I am one of those people, because I work in a Colombian public university. Academy job is a very pleasant work. First of all you have contact with knowledge, which is one of the three greatest passions of humans (you can imagine the other two) and through knowledge you can explain human life, the fate of the men, the laws of nature, the relations between us and the other living beings, the movement of the stars, the infinity ... and even the human soul. And most importantly, you can pass this knowledge (or at least this passion or some values derived from it) to your students and through them to the entire society. And this is a happy privilege of the few beings, blessed by life, blessed by nature or perhaps ... blessed by God.