Friday, June 26, 2015

The lost of friends and classmates

       Lost of friends and classmates during my bachelor's studies was a situation that change my way of regard toward life. I enrolled at Caldas University for studying Geology at an age of 18 years old. When I was in third semester, in 1985, The Nevado del Ruiz volcano did eruption, killing near of 20.000 people in Armero village. This is the worst natural disaster in Colombia. At moment of this tragedy, one group of classmates were in a fieldwork for the Palaeontology course, looking fossils near Armero. They were at this town for getting a hotel and sleeping there when the eruption started. Nine roommates and the professor died this night when a flood passed by the streets of village. For me was a very hard experience, because I could not understand why this young people was in the wrong place in the wrong date. I knew them and they were valuable people, but I did not enough time for share with them. I learned at this moment that life is short and whatever can happens. After that, I realize that One should share with loved ones as much as possible, because It is not possible know how long We will be together.

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  1. Martha, I really enjoyed reading your paragraph. I am sorry to hear this tragic story. Anyway, your paragraph is well-written although there are some grammatical errors. I like your topic sentence and your concluding sentence. They are well-constructed. It is good that you used complex sentences adequately.

    However, there are some grammar issues. Below are some corrections.

    1) The Nevada del Ruis volcano did eruption - The Nevada del Ruis volcano erupted
    in the wrong place in the wrong date - in the wrong place at the wrong time
    2) whatever can happen - anything can happen

    Wonderful job!