Friday, June 26, 2015

The event that changed my life

            One of the most important event that changes my life was became a teacher.  When I finished my graduated studies in Chemical Engineering at the National University of Colombia, I had the opportunity to be hired as assistant instructor to teach Process Control. At this moment I had to teach my classmates. It was so hard, but I learned early the necessity of keep the role that the live gives you in this moment.  I am gratefully with the three professors who oriented me. Each one of them had his own style of teaching. This gave me the opportunity to consolidate not only my own style of teaching but also to share their material. It is known that in the 19ths, the access at the information made the difference and gave you more advantages. Since then I could learn more are more. All in all, I doesn’t conceive my live without teaching.

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  1. Dolly, this is a better paragraph than your previous one. I like your topic sentence and concluding sentence although there are some grammatical errors. The paragraph is coherent, and you did a good job at describing details.

    Please try to use complex sentences in your writing.

    There are some grammar problems. Below are some corrections.

    1. One of the most important event that changes my life was became a teacher - One of the most important events that changed my life was that I became a teacher.
    2. All in all, I doesn't conceive my live without teaching - I do not think of my life without teaching.