Friday, June 26, 2015

 My research and educational field
     My main interest research and educational field is agroecology. This is a relatively new science emerging from complexity and its application to the studies of the agro ecosystem.  Agro ecosystem is, in fact, a complex unity involving social, political, economics, technological (in sum cultural) variables interacting with ecosystemic factors (geology, geomorphology, soils, climate, fauna). The agroecology tends to understand this complexity, studying, at the same time all these variables. It means that agro ecology requires a new interdisciplinary science approach, including the communities knowledge.  Many biophysical phenomena can be explained by cultural factors.
So, I am interested to study the relationship between climate change (CC) and the small farmer's cultural ways to deal with. Right now, I am conducting several Ph.D. researches in a coffee small growers region near to Bogota, trying to explain how these small peasants can be adapted to the CC using a great scope (array?) of practices.
Many of this practices are related to the management of the agrobiodiversity. Therefore, my research team is involved in a new concept we developed, referring to the Main Agroecological Structure of farms.  As a result, we are studying  many relationships between insects (pollinators, natural enemies), plants and human beings.  On the future we hope to improve our understanding of these relationships in order to provide some guidelines for public policy.

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  1. Tomas, this is a good research statement. It is good to see that you have the ability to write a multiple-paragraph paper.

    One thing I would like you to consider is to take out some details about agroecology and get to your points directly. A research statement is a specific statement that normally people in your field read. Thus, you do not need to provide detailed explanation about it although some brief introduction to it may be necessary.

    Overall, you did an excellent job!